Premium Mindfulness Meditation Trainings

Enhance your mindfulness or your mindfulness teaching abilities with our premium trainings and resources below.

These 200 Guided Meditation Scripts can improve your mindfulness practice, help you lead others in meditation with more confidence and skill, and grow your business or practice by increasing your credibility, allowing you to quickly add new products and services, and helping you convert more leads into clients.

200 Guided Meditation Scripts

These 300 Mindfulness Worksheets can improve your own mindfulness practice, help you teach mindfulness to others with more confidence and skill, save you LOTS of time, and grow your business or practice by increasing your credibility, and allowing you to instantly add more services, offerings, and value...

300 Mindfulness Worksheets

Do you want to get certified to teach mindfulness and meditation... and/or improve your skills and confidence at teaching them? This affordable, evidence-based, online, self-paced certification program is for you. This program is internationally accredited by the Continuing Professional Development Certification Service.

Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Program

10-week curriculum for teaching mindfulness and meditation to other people. And you can download this entire curriculum immediately. You can put YOUR name, YOUR brand, and YOUR logo. You can use all of it with your clients, students, or patients.

Brandable Mindfulness Teaching Curriculum

An easy, done-for-you solution to make you save time, increase your social media profile engagement and inspire others all over the world. With those templates you will be able to gain more followers and students for your mindfulness brand or business. You can customize each one of them depending on your needs.

365 Brandable Social Media Templates

Get instant online access to 68 “bite-sized” mindfulness boosters for businesspeople and professionals... that can help you improve decision-making, inspire creativity, build strong relationships, and dramatically increase your results and performance at work.

Mindfulness at Work

This course will provide you with an overview of key concepts and basic exercises that are central to mindfulness practice. You will be introduced to considerations for managing and facilitating mindfulness classes. You'll also get self-assessment tool to revisit as you begin your journey as a mindfulness teacher.

Mindfulness Teaching Fundamentals Course

All the best resources in one bundle! This Toolkit includes my best mindfulness resources for enhancing mindfulness in the most clear and simple way possible.

The Complete Mindfulness Toolkit

Receive sample mindfulness workshop proposals, teaching suggestions, research, and mindfulness teaching assessment criteria.

Mindfulness Teaching Resources